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Insured, bonded, registered, certified and accredited just some of the credentials Gavin Homes brings to the table. We're a member in good standing of the NLCA. We are owned, managed, and operated by professionals with many years of combined experience in housing, land and real estate development. Since our first development we have established a reputation for integrity and excellence, and our entire team strives for quality in everything we do.


Company-wide, we're committed to encouraging energy-efficiency and sustainability in our work. During construction, we use proven building materials and have implemented a process that features important checkpoints to ensure high standards. We offer warranties to provide peace of mind, and a level of service that ensures our homeowners have a voice through every step of the process.


So when you make the most important decision of your life, remember to get it in writing because ours is in writing and is a promise of quality, style and complete happiness – one neighbourhood, one home and one family at a time.


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